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RotoSPIN Sound Samples

So real, your audience will ask:
"Wow, Where's your rotary speaker cabinet?"

The NEW RotoSPIN™ by DLS Effects, creates ultra-real Rotary Speaker sounds with dynamic speaker

swirl, grind, and DopplerTM Effect. This effect is exactly what Leslie and Vibratone enthusiasts’ desire! You’ll have your audience asking “Wow, where’s your Rotary Speaker cabinet?” Dial in multiple cabinet sounds & Mic distances using the Tweeter Intensity and, Bass Rotor Level. Rotation speeds are set via the Fast, Slow, and Ramp controls. A switchable Overdrive stage can also add grit and edge like the old rotary tube amps. Use OUTA (thicker), or OUTB (brighter), or both for a wide (((DLS Stereo)))™ image like no other! The DLS design team enhanced the sound, reduced cost, size, and weight, all while maintaining user controls and rugged road worthiness! Learn more...

Reckless Driver Sound Samples


DLS Effects™ Reckless Driver. Welcome to the DLS Reckless Driver Distortion/Overdrive. “It’s an Overdrive when you want it, and a Reckless Distortion when you need it!” The beauty of this effect is that by using the clean Mix and Gain controls, you can set your tone clean with a full warm tube sound, or rich Overdriven tones, or heavy biting “Reckless” distortion for leads, and anything in between! The Attack switch is a subtle control that changes the edge and brightness, and can even make solid state sound like a tube amp! Couple this with extra wide, dynamic Bass and Treble controls, plus separate Normal and Boost Channels, and you end up with one powerful effect! Learn more...

RotoSIM Sound Samples

DLS Effects™ rotary speaker simulator: DLS included all the adjustments, so any musician can dial in any rotary speaker cabinet sound imaginable. The RotoSIM prides itself on achieving those vintage, chewy, Doppler™ swirls like the real deal! The Tweeter horn and Bass Rotor pots set the tweeter and bass horn intensities. Fast and Slow pots control speakers rotation speeds, or an expression pedal can be used. The musician can switch between the Fast and Slow speeds on the fly, with the Ramp pot controlling how long it takes to ramp up and down between them. DLS also designed in the option to use a built in overdrive circuit that simulates vintage clipping. Best of all, the RotoSIM leaves your instrument tone in tact. Being small, quiet, and any polarity 9vdc operation pushes this product over the top! Learn more...

Versa-Vibe Sound Samples

Experience the optical, pure analog Versa Vibe™ by DLS Effects! This product is so much more than traditional Univibe ™ effects. It’s called “Versa Vibe” for a reason… it is more versatile than other vibe and vibrato effects on the market! Experience those vintage or modern vibe tones, plus stunning pitch bend vibrato like no other. DLS designed in first ever controls that allow the musician to adjust the amount of bass throb, attack, waveform, pitch bend and much more! Even better, this product was designed for excellent response with both guitar and bass! Learn more...

Chorus~Waves Sound Samples

Welcome to the lush warm chorusing of the DLS Chorus Waves! Experience anything form thick creamy chorus to more transparent chorusing and everything in between! There are 2 output choices; OUTA is more organic sounding, while OUTB is mildly brighter sounding, or use both outputs for a beautiful lush stereo sound! A Blend control allows the musician to mix as much analog instrument with our wonderful chorusing sound to taste. This chorus is great for jazz, rock, country, or any music style imaginable! Learn more...

TR1 Tremolo Sound Samples

Finally a pure Analog, stereo Tap Tremolo with tons of tremolo styles and functionality any musician could ever ask for! This tremolo has 2 channels for true stereo, and can be Ping Ponged between outputs, or both outputs can operate in Sync. The Tremolo speed can be Tapped in and multiplied, or set like a traditional Rate pot control. An external expression pedal can also be used to control the speed. Other features include:
• Two different sounding analog optical components utilize a first ever Warmth pot to dial in vintage tube sounding tremolo to more aggressive tremolo, or any blend in between!
• A first ever Shape pot transforms the tremolo wave shape and duty cycle for a multitude of flavors like vintage rhythmic tremolo, slicing tremolo, playing backwards sound, and much more! Learn more...

Ultra Chorus II Sound Samples

DLS has once again designed one of the warmest chorus effects in the industry! The Ultra ChorusII is two chorus units in one. The musician can preset both chorus channels and switch between the two on the fly! A Blend control allows the musician to mix as much analog instrument with our wonderful chorusing sound. As with all DLS Effects™, the analog instrument always stays analog! Choose from any hookup option (Mono in-Mono Out, or Mono in-Stereo Out, or Stereo in-Stereo Out). Internal trim pots allow the musician to dial in levels of InputA-OutputA, InputB-OutputB and Chorus Regeneration to taste.
Learn more...

EchoTAP Sound Samples

This custom EchoTAP™ delay has a TAP Tempo echo and a Panel settable echo that the musician can switch between on the fly. The TAP Tempo can be set from 30ms to 3 seconds; the panel echo can be set from 50ms to 3 seconds. The TAP tempo and the Panel set echo have their own separate ECHO VOLUME controls. This is useful because many musicians use two different echoes and volumes during a single composition. The TONE control shapes the echoes from crystal clear replications to spacey echoes like the older tape echo units. The EchoTAP™ has two inputs and two outputs for use in stereo in/out, mono in/stereo out, or mono in/mono out (all Inputs and outputs utilize True Bypass switching). As in all DLS™ units, we use the analog instrument signal and mix it with the echo signals (this leaves your instrument sound and tone as is). Learn more...

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Rascal Flatts- Rewind & Easy title track
featuring the DLS RotoSIM


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