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 • Factory ships within 24-48 hours USA & Canada

  • No shipments to PO boxes.  NY residence sales tax added 

  • Risk Free!   4 days upon receipt to return for credit if undamaged, less shipping & 3% card fee

  • **Transformer sold separately**

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DLS donates a portion of sales to St Judes children's hospital and other charities

New Versa VibeII

New analog, optical Univibe™ by DLS Effects!

The Versa Vibe-II is based on vintage Optical Technology and offers adjustable Bass Throb, Vibe-blend, and Waveform to dial in any Vibe sound imaginable!   Get those vintage Univibe™ sounds along with the most versatility of any product on the market today!       Switch between Chorus for those Trower, Hendrix, Gilmour sounds, or Vibrato for pitch bending Vibes.  The Vintage setting achieves fatter-deeper effect & tones, while the Modern setting is slightly brighter.

An internal charge pump circuit increases the analog voltage to achieve warmth with higher headroom.   The Expression pedal input jack accommodates rate control with an external foot pedal.  True switch bypass and a non-polarity 9vdc input jack puts the Versa Vibe-II over the top! 


REVIEW: Thanks!  I got the VV pedal today.  Excellent!  Nothing beats a pedal that makes you want to play play play.  I've been playing for hours and I haven't even really started twisting knobs too much yet.  This thing is fantastic.  I've been playing around with phasers, vibes, and roto pedals for years trying to get just the right swirl thing going on.    Nice work!  I'm thrilled with another great DLS pedal.  Thanks!  Ian


So real,  audiences  ask:
"Wow, Where's your rotary speaker cabinet?"

The  RotoSPIN by DLS Effects™ creates ultra-real, vintage Rotary Speaker and SRV Vibratone  sounds with dynamic speaker swirl, grind, and DopplerTM Effect!   This effect is exactly what Leslie™ and Vibratone enthusiasts desire!   Dial in multiple cabinet sounds & Mic distances using the Tweeter Intensity and, Bass Rotor Level. Rotation speeds are set via the Fast, Slow, and Ramp controls. A switchable Overdrive adds grit and edge like vintage rotary tube amps. Use OUTA (thicker), or OUTB (brighter), or both for a wide (((DLS Stereo)))!   Our designers use high quality capacitors and circuitry to achieve the best warmth, swirl and tone!

*Leslie is a registered trademark of Hammond Corp,



Custom built for Alex Lifeson

of Rush, used on the R40 tour!


Alex needed more out of his sound for the R40 tour and turned to Dave from  DLS to help! 

Dave ripped apart the Reckless Driver and spent 3 straight days designing a Boost with Gain, 2 channels, switchable EQ (Bass and Treble) switchable sustain & attack,  plus some major drive with attitude...... DLS delivered!   Alex loved it and  used the BGS throughout the tour to wow audiences!!  


The ECHOTour™ enhanced voiced analog delay yields warm vintage echoes from 40ms to ~600ms, SlapBack, Reverb, and more!

The instrument tone is unaffected and Echo decays can “get out of the way”,

or be set louder than the original. The Echo Tone pot controls the brightness

of the delays from brighter to darker, or reminiscent of tape echo tones. DLS

designed this product using superior capacitors and electronic circuitry/

*Thanks to Alex Lifeson (Rush) & Brian Craddock (Daughtry) for beta testing

and using the EchoTour!

EchoTour_AdBlack4 2_new.png



Welcome to the lush, versatile chorusing of the DLS Chorus Waves!

Experience DLS superior chorus from creamy chorus like the old CE-2, to transparent chorusing and everything in between!  Our designers use high quality capacitors and circuitry to achieve superior  chorus and tone!   There are 2 output choices; OUTA is more organic ,  OUTB is mildly brighter , or use both outputs for spacious lush (((DLS Stereo)))   A Blend control mixes as much analog instrument with chorusing sound to taste. This chorus is great for jazz, rock, country, or any music style imaginable! 

Lush enhanced chorus,

*Now for both Guitar & Bass


Ultra Lush, 2 channel chorus, stereo I/O!

The Ultra ChorusII is one of the most LUSH sounding, 2 channel chorus effects in the industry!  Alex Lifeson has one at his studio and pros like  Darius Rucker guitarist Quinton Gibson's make it a staple on their pedal boards!  The 7 position Delay switch adjusts the chorus width from spacious sparkling chorus to tighter compressed chorus, and anything in between!    Simply set the Rate and Depth in each channel a switch between the two on the fly!  The Blend  control mixes  as much analog instrument with our wonderful chorusing sound.   As with all DLS Effects™, the analog instrument always stays analog!   Hookup in (Mono in-Mono Out,  Mono in-Stereo Out, or Stereo in-Stereo Out). This product uses high quality capacitors and circuitry to achieve superior chorus and tone!

Ultra Chorus II


TR1  TAP Tremolo with stereo-ping pong!

Pure Analog, stereo Tap Tremolo with tons of tremolo styles and the functionality any musician could ever ask for!

This is the last Tremolo you will EVER want!  Get those awesome classic amp tremolos  from the past to more cutting Tremolo to taste !  The Tremolo speed can be Tapped in and multiplied by 1, 2,3 or 4,  or use the traditional Rate pot control.  The speed can also be controlled using an external expression.  This tremolo has 2 channels for true stereo, and can even be Ping Ponged between outputs, or both outputs  in Sync. Other features include:
• Warmth pot used to bias 2 different sounding optical components for vintage tube sounding tremolo to more cutting tremolo, or any blend in between!
• A first ever Shape pot transforms the tremolo wave shape and duty cycle for a multitude of flavors like vintage rhythmic tremolo, slicing tremolo, playing backwards sound, and much more!



DLS Effects™ Reckless Driver. Welcome to the DLS Reckless Driver Overdrive. “It’s an Overdrive when you want it, and  Reckless Distortion when you need it!” The beauty of this effect is that by using the clean Mix and Gain controls, you can set your tone for cleaner warm tube sound, or rich Overdriven tones, or heavy biting overdrive & distortion for leads, and anything in between! The Attack switch changes the edge and brightness, and can even make solid state sound like a tube amp! Couple this with extra wide, dynamic Bass and Treble controls, plus separate Normal and Boost Channels, and you end up with one powerful effect!  Our designers use high quality capacitors and circuitry to achieve superior  tone!

Reckless Driver


Wow, enhancements made November 2022!   You should hear it now!

DLS Effects 9VDC transformer:

USA style transformer, 110vac in, 9vdc out, 300ma.   Center +, barrel-

Note: DLS Effects accept any plolarity jack from 9vdc to 13vdc

DLS Trans.jpg



DLS Effects rotary speaker simulator:

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