Rotary Speaker Effect that cuts though the mix!  So real your audience will wonder where your rotary cabinet is! 

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SALE! $195

Univibe effect,  Vintage or Modern with first ever Bass Throb control, Waveform and more!  Lush, warm optical Univibe technology!

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Versatile, warm, true,  stereo chorus.  Blend mix, Rate, Depth & Width control for wide sparkling chorus to compressed chorus!

*Lush warm chorus,

Now for both Guitar and Bass!

Overdrive with Normal and Boost channels, EQ & Attack.  *WARNING, FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT WHEN OVERDRIVING! 

Tap Tremolo! Finally a pure Analog, stereo I/O   with tons of tremolo styles and functionality any musician could ever ask for!


Ultra lush 2 channel chorus, each with Depth and Rate, plus Blend & Delay to widen or compress the chorusing.  Stereo I/O

Ultra Chorus II

Custom built for Alex Lifeson of Rush & used on the R40 tour! (*now available to the public!!)

ROTOSIM,  Lush, swirling, Rotary Speaker Effect with Stereo I/O and expression pedal input!  (*DISCONTINUED as of 4/19)