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Versa VibeII

NEW!  Redesigned Versa Vibe Univibe effect!   Smaller, lighter with Vintage, Modern, Bass Throb control, Waveform, Vibrato and Vibe-blend!   Pure analog with optical Univibe technology!

Versa Vibe

Versa Vibe

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*New Versa VibeII videos coming soon! (sorry video of Versa Vibe available at this time)

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REVIEW: Thanks!  I got the VV pedal today.  Excellent!  Nothing beats a pedal that makes you want to play play play.  I've been playing for hours and I haven't even really started twisting knobs too much yet.  This thing is fantastic.  I've been playing around with phasers, vibes, and roto pedals for years trying to get just the right swirl thing going on.    Nice work!  I'm thrilled with another great DLS pedal.  Thanks!  Ian


Rotary Speaker Effect that cuts though the mix!  So real your audience will wonder where your rotary cabinet is!