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Dear DLS, the RotoSPIN is an Amazing pedal!  Great sound, true bypass, great tone and feel, absolutely believable and close enough to the real thing. I have searched for a realistic Vibratone pedal for years. The Rotospin is definitely staying on my board, thank you!, Joe

Dear Dave,
I must say I love my RotoSPIN and Versa Vibe! They both totally have the authenticity, warm, and true vibe of the originals, with great tweakability and the fidelity needed. They are keepers on my pedal board! Nice work. The RotoSPIN has such a natural sound, and I love the ability to tailor the speeds. The best Leslie pedal!'
Thx, man!
Kerry Marx: Country Music artist- Grand Ole Opry band, County Music Award TV player

I did get to check out the RotoSPIN. Wow, that thing is incredible! So many cool options, especially the ability to switch between fast and slow by foot. Honestly, I did not want to stop playing! I am very excited to add it to my board!
Steve Fekete, guitarist Gwen Stephani,  Cassidee Pope

i just bought a new rotospin..just fantastic..sounds even more realistic than my old magnatone 280 stereo!! ... thanks!!! great work !
-Paul Fenton Canadian slide guitarist

Wow!! Message: I am a guitarist, programmer, and keyboard technician, based in Los Angeles. I've worked as a programmer on the road or in the studio for Frank Zappa, Roger Waters, Paul Simon, Simon and Garfunkel, Boz Scaggs, Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Workman, Chick Corea, Lyle Mays (Pat Metheny Group), among many others. I'm most often responsible for helping these artists achieve a particular sound they have in mind for a recording or live situation. Last night I went to see Oz Noy for the first time and was absolutely blown away by the quality of sound and musicality of your RotoSIM pedal.

I've been through many, many Leslie Speakers, and Leslie simulators / modelers over a 30 year career working in music production, and I can say without any hesitation, that that was the most convincing Leslie sound I have ever heard come out of a guitar pedal. I've just finished programming the Return to Forever "RTF4" tour for Chick Corea. I'd love to try the RotoSIM on Chick's Moog Voyager. We've been building a pedal board for the Moog to run through. It really kicks the whole thing up a notch. ok, well. you have a new fan. stay in touch.

-Bob Rice 

I'm not a huge fan of modulation effects. I like the sound of my Gretsch with a little compression, a little reverb and an occasional dash of tube tremolo. But I've always loved the sound of a hollow body electric through a Leslie speaker. I just never loved it enough to haul a Leslie around with me! Until now, every rotary speaker simulation effect has struck me as utterly unconvincing.  BUT... a couple of weeks ago I came upon your DLS RotoSIM at Boston Guitar Works, and I can truly say that in over 30 years of playing the guitar, this is the single best stomp box I have ever owned. It's just not possible to make this thing sound bad. I have run it into a tube amp with a compressor, and it sounds brilliant. I have run it direct for recording (guitar-RotoSIM-digital recorder) and it sounds brilliant. The asymetrical spinning of the horn and rotor are spot-on accurate, the ramping sounds completely authentic, and the ability to individually adjust the horn and rotor levels is fantastic. Simply stunning in every way. It's warm, organic, and so true to the original that I can't imagine anyone wanting to transport a Leslie anymore.

So... thanks Dave! You have designed something more than a stomp box. The RotoSIM is truly a musical instrument, and I look frward to becoming more skilled in playing it and working it into our repertoire in the months and years ahead.

-Ken T.

Providence, RI

Hi Dave,
First, thanks for responding! I got the RotoSIM in today (there was a foul up in shipping) and it's in the effects loop of my 5150 and all I can say is, "Holy SH*T!" It has literally taken me years (an a few restocking fee's) but now, I've got the sound I want! I'm slack jawed. 

I started out as you suggested with settings, however I put if first on the inline portion of my board. It sounded a bit thin there, so I decided to put in the loop of the 5150 (when it's in line it can be shared by both a 5150 and a Fender Twin (Fender's for clean), and I'm not kidding, the RotoSIM came to life. Just two minor tweaks to the exterior horn and drum pots (5 and 3pm respectively) and it's perfect for me.

Dave, thank you so much for making the RotoSIM! I wish I would have learned about it earlier.
- Scott 

I got my RotoSim yesterday and I want to compliment you on a fantastic pedal. The rotating speaker effect has been that one part of my sound that has eluded me for a long time now. I've tried univibe type pedals, choruses, phasers, and even those that claim to be Leslie emulators like the xxxxx Roto Machine and xxxxx Destination Rotation. I found myself trying to dislike your pedal and couldn't do it! Also, the overdrive feature is spectacular. Very subtle but tasty at the same time. That was one of the HUGE problems with the xxxxx pedal...a drive feature that was way too over the top and completely un-useable. Yours is perfect and I can really push it when I couple it with an OD pedal in front of it if I choose. I can say the same for all the features of the RotoSim as well. You have designed a unit that is very tweakable but easy to operate. I love how each control gives you so much freedom over your sound, but at the same time, stays true to what a real Leslie is supposed to sound like. This pedal doesn't let you get off into sounds that aren't convincing, know what I mean? For instance, I noticed that when I max out the tweeter response level, it cuts thru nicely, but when I back it off totally, it doesn't just completely cut out and get too muddy. By the way, the ramp time feature is just awesome. 

Excellent work Dave,
- Corby

The RotoSIM™ by DLS effects™ is an AMAZING pedal! I feel like I am playing through a REAL Leslie rotating speaker! It has a lot of warmth and GREAT tone! I give it 10 out of 10! 
- Eric Mantel Singer / Songwriter

The DLS Rotosim has become an integral part of my guitar rig. If you can't carry a Leslie 145 to your gigs the Rotosim is the ONLY answer that I have found when the question is getting a Rotary speaker sound in a live situation. I have tried many other pedals whose manufacturers claim to have "The" quintessential rotary simulator, but the Rotosim is the only one that I use and the only one that I can recommend.
- Lance Keltner 

I just purchased your new roto-sim pedal and it is great. I've tried all the other leslie simulators and they don't compare.
- Kenny

I just purchased a Roto Sim and received it yesterday. Great pedal! IMHO, way better than the H&K Rotosphere and the Option 5 Destination Rotation. One question.. Is it true bypass? Love the tweaks inside too!
- Edward

Received the RotoSIM today and I had time to do a quick test of the RotoSim. I am totally impressed, congratulations on making what must be the best Leslie simulator on the market! 
Best regards,
- Magne

I received the pedal yesterday! It is amazing! I love that fact that it is so tweakable! I am sure once I find just the perfect sound, it will get used alot! Thanks for your help! It was what I had hoped it would be and so much more. 
- Andy

Thank you very much for the quick work and the shipment.
Let me say " Congratulations for Roto Sim".
It is wonderful product.
- Buck

Hi, My name is Eiji Y********. I live in Japan and make my living playing guitar. I just wanted to tell you that your RotoSIM is the best modulation type of FX I ever used. I was getting tired of chorus and looking for something new. Cool thing about RotoSIM is no matter how fast and deep I set up, there aren't much pitch changes at all. The first day I started using RotoSIM on the reharsal, a horn player and chorus girls came up to me and asked me how I'm making the juisie tone. RotoSIM gets to peoples heart. What a great invention. PS: I like the fact that you use Fulltone 3pdt. Almost none of the other brand does. Fulltone 3pdt sounds best to me. regards,
- Eiji 

I just bought the RotoSim pedal, and am very impressed with it's transparent and noisless nature. Much more quiet that the H&K. 

I have been through quite a few Leslie simulator pedals, and this is the one I am keeping. Great sound, rugged construction, and much lighter than a Leslie cabinet! Nice job.
- Rob B

Hey again Dave,
I had a minute today and was able to make it down to Brian's place ("Super Sound Music") to check out your Chorus/Vib and Roto-Sim. Wow!! Well, you win the prize in this department. Boy, both units sound awesome. The Chorus/Vib is certainly the final word in chorus pedals. I think I've had or tried them all (except the Retro-Sonic Chorus Ensemble) at one time or another and yours wins hands down. It pretty much covers the full spectrum of what you'd ever need in a chorus pedal plus more. Nice and quiet too, which is a very big deal for me. Great job!! So, I went home with the Chorus/Vib but at some point would like the Roto-Sim too. I'm sure judging from these pedals that your Echo-Tap is very cool too. I didn't have the time to check that one out today but will at some point.

I just bought one of these at the MusicToyz store in Portland. I came up to the store from Florida, visiting my wife's family in Maine and taking a day trip from the holiday insanity to test out pedals in the shop. I went looking for OD's and this is the only pedal I left with. It blew me away, been looking for this sound for years. The more I tweak it, the more I love it.

You guys are f...n amazing thats all i will say! but 1 question, when i took the rubber feet off a star washer fell off, the only place i saw to put it was in between the 2 metal housings when you screw them back together right? because i didn't see any loose wires! thanx again and the funny thing was is i wasn't even looking for a leslie i was looking for a chorus and dave at killer vintage turned this on to me and all i can say is whoa!

Excellent product! The best leslie sim yet, and ive tried all of them! (voce, H&K, etc). I plan on also purchasing your echotap and chorus at Supersound Music (excellent dealer) 

Frank H.
I wanted to drop you a note after getting to play through the new chorus pedal, actually meant to do it last week, but of course got distracted with silly stuff like work...

In any event, i had high hopes for the product and again they were exceeded. I had a sound in my head i was looking for out of the pedal, and it took me about 2 minutes to dial it in, amazing.... The sound is fantastic and it plays incredibly well with my BGS pedal too. I couldn't be happier with it.

Frank H.
I wanted to take a second and give you some feedback on the BGS pedal I received before the holidays. I have to tell you my expectations were pretty high, but was blown away... when i first plugged it in and played a few chords it made me sound great &#X1f60a... My 4 1/2 year old said "daddy that sounds great, you rock..." I am sure there is some wanted to making Daddy feel good in that, but it was interesting to hear... My wife even positively commented on how it sounded, the real test was taking to a session with my instructor who said "Wow they NAILED that sound...". 
Anyway, you probably didn't need feedback from random folks in the field, but wanted to pass it on, as i REALLY like the pedal and am singing its and your company's praises as much as as i am able in my feeble circle...(though no comments about the arrangement discussed below.

Mike B.
Dear DLS, the Boost-Gain pedal gives incredible feel and sensitivity. As soon as it's on my mind set shifts from precision playing to expressive playing. Sometimes I feel it's too much but the more headroom I have in my speakers, the better it sounds. It's one of those pedals that once unleashed, you better be prepared to control the beast. It forces more precise playing.

I primarily use it in "angry" leads or aggressive playing which is my style. I can clearly tell when Alex is using the pedal on his solos on R40. Listen the solo on the R40 version of The Camera Eye. I think that solo captures the tone and attack of the BGS the best. I also have an Xotic EP Booster and am thinking about adding a Treble booster. They all have their value but the BGS is clearly unique and has a permanent place on my board. I am even debating a backup b/c it's the only boost I have played that cannot be reproduced with any other pedal. Keep up the good work. I love your pedals and am always happy to provide reviews

Dear DLS, the Boost-Gain pedal gives incredible feel and sensitivity. As soon as it's on my mind set shifts from precision playing to expressive playing. Sometimes I feel it's too much but the more headroom I have in my speakers, the better it sounds. It's one of those pedals that once unleashed, you better be prepared to control the beast. It forces more precise playing.

I primarily use it in "angry" leads or aggressive playing which is my style. I can clearly tell when Alex is using the pedal on his solos on R40. Listen the solo on the R40 version of The Camera Eye. I think that solo captures the tone and attack of the BGS the best. I also have an Xotic EP Booster and am thinking about adding a Treble booster. They all have their value but the BGS is clearly unique and has a permanent place on my board. I am even debating a backup b/c it's the only boost I have played that cannot be reproduced with any other pedal. Keep up the good work. I love your pedals and am always happy to provide reviews.

Thank you,
Mike B.


Customer Comments - Versa Vibe™ 


I love the Versa Vibe™ ! It sounds great and I'm using it at the studio.
- Alex Lifeson 

Dear DLS,
My name is Juergen from Germany, a Bass Guitarist. Now I own my new Versa Vibe one week. The footswitch is very useless, because I never switch it off! I love the old original Univibe sound. The Univibe sound is my weapon. When I compare the original, a Voodoo Lab MV and the DLS, the DLS is much better and can be better embedded also in modern music. Waveform und Bass-Trob are the best knobs. Fat und vintage or smooth and in the background - no problem but impossible with the Univibe and the Micro Vibe. They only can do the Hendrix-thing, nothing more. So this unit will stay on my board as the only modulation-unit for a very long time.

I checked out the Versa Vibe. Incredible. Being a HUGE David Gilmour fan, I was loving life! Blows away most vibe pedals I've tried. I really dig the way it doesn't mask the original tone of the guitar. Well done! Thanks,
Steve Fekete, guitarist Cassidee Pope

The DLS Versa Vibe is vintage sonic heaven on my pedalboard! I think the key word in it's name is VIBE...this pedal has tons of it and now I actually /look/ for places to put a Uni effect in during my recording or live shows. It sounds that good! Thanks,
- Neil Zaza

Dear Dave,
I must say I love my RotoSIM and Versa Vibe! They both totally have the authenticity, warm, and true vibe of the originals, with great tweakability and the fidelity needed. They are keepers on my pedal board! Nice work.... [The Versa Vibe has] the best pitch vibrato on the market! So many variations on a great vintage sound! Thx, man!
Kerry Marx: Country Music artist- Grand Ole Opry band, County Music Award TV player

Hey there DLS,
I have owned many vibes in my lifetime and I am being 100% truthful when I say the DLS Versa Vibe is the BEST! I can't get enough of it! I am addicted to the sound and was wanting to pick up some more of your pedals. I saw you have a delay but haven't updated it for quite a while. Do you have any new pedals in the works I should save my money for? Could you give me any info or hints? I really respect intelligent engineering and design and I believe you guys offer that. Thanks, 

Got the pedal and wow! It’s the best vibe pedal I’ve ever heard and that includes the original Uni-Vibe™. The one word that describes it is has the vintage vibe sound I was looking for plus other great flavors, it’s a “dead ringer” man, I love it. I’ll send you some mp3s as soon as I can. 

- Rod

Hey Dave
This pedal is yet another revelation! So many colors just come flying out of it, some really twisted f****d-up 60's stuff flying 'round the room, not to mention my head!  Brilliant, just brilliant... I can set the sound to just give me a smidgen of a phaser kinda vibe, reminiscent of the "Stones" "Fool To Cry", then literally go in to orbit with some kinda "Hendrixed"star sailing tripped out fantasy! 

This, just like the Rotosim, is going straight on to my board! 

The other thing I genuinely adore about this pedal is something quite boring really, but to me, the most important aspect of any pedal and its design, and that's the knobs! So many pedals have such hopelessly loose knobs, that they feel as if, you were to look at them the wrong way, they would move and you'd lose your sound immediately! But, these move with the sureness of a fully loaded combat-ready tank! Obviously, something I seriously appreciate as a blind axeman! 

Once again, thanx for another gorgeous pedal, its such a relief to discover a brilliantly conceived line of ultra-hi quality products, that sound as good as they're well constructed! 
Many thanx
- Mikey

I got my Versa Vibe and it is, without question, the best sounding vibe on the market. I’ve owned several uni-vibe clones and have heard multiple sound clips of all of them. I owned an original Univox Uni-vibe that I bought new at Manny’s Music in the early 1970’s. I consider myself to have a trained ear in the area of Vibes. The Versa Vibe beats all the current competition hands down. The versatility of the pedal is a tweaker’s dream. My congratulations for building the best vibe available.
- Ron

Hey Dave,
I just wanted to tell you that seriously, I'm looking for places in songs where I should turn this pedal off! It sounds amazing, it's a huge upgrade from the Rotovibe™ I'd had prior, and it's a thousand times better than the other vibe pedals out there. Like I said, I'm looking more for places to shut it off cause it sounds great in almost ever situation. Please keep me updated with any new pedals you'll be releasing and things, I am a huge fan of your work. If you ever need anything, demo video's, whatever, you name it, let me know. Hope to hear from you soon, and again thank you!


Customer Comments - Chorus~Vib™ & CV2 Chorus Waves™

My new CV2 Chorus Waves has all of the beautiful 'milky analog to crystalline sounds' that I love in my old Chorus-Vib, except now in a smaller package; this is still the one pedal that has a permanent home on my pedalboard. DLS Effects has made an already excellent pedal even better! 

Dear DLS,
I was shocked to find your wonderful Chorus-Vib at a Guitar Center! I drove 35 miles to Fairfax, VA, immediately, when it came into their store, and I was the first and last person to try it out (I check the "New Arrivals" postings in the used gear, weekly). There is not a dealer near to me in DC (there's one in Richmond, VA), and I've been GAS'ing for an opportunity to try one of your units that are of the utmost quality. A friend of mine owns and worships his Rotosim (and he's the ultimate gear-hound!).

I am so impressed with my lack of ability to get a bad sound out of your unit. I consider this the true test of awesome gear--stuff that is truly useful and sounds musical. Skill, thought and a wonderful sense of musicianship is evident in the quality products you produce, and I'm very excited to replace my Boss CEB-3 with your unit which will do double-duty with both guitar and bass guitar.
- Elizabeth P.

I love the Chorus-Vib! Just before I bought this, I bought the much touted xxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxxx. I couldn't believe how disappointed I was with it!! I thought it sucked away the tone of my guitar. It cut off the low end and the high end. For all the glowing reviews I read, I thought fidelity was substandard. it was noiser than the Chorus-Vib too. I just think the Chorus-Vib is way more adjustable and so much more flexible and versatile. There's a very wide range of sounds you can get out of it! I have only 1 minor gripe with it - the location of the input and output jacks. I wish they were in opposite locations. maybe the designer was a lefty?
thanks again.

I love my DLS Chorus/Vib! Many pedals have come and gone from my pedalboard over the years, but the one that I refuse to part with is my Chorus/Vib. I can cover any chorus sound I need, from the milky analog sounds of the 70s to the pristine digital sounds of the 80s and 90s choruses, and anything in between. They’re all in that little pedal, plus a killer Vibrato/Leslie sound as well. On stage or in the studio, the DLS Chorus/Vib is indispensable!!
-Rob Espinosa, It's A Beautiful Day

Hi, just wondering if you are looking to add a dealer in the San Diego, California area. I had a customer bring in a Chorus-Vib and this pedal sounds amazing. Our shop is well known for having the best selection of pedals in San Diego and we would love to stock them if you see fit. If interested let me know. Thanks!
- Brian

Dear DLS:
I just wanted to tell you that I received my new Chorus/vibe last night and absolutely love it! This is the best Chorus/Vibrato/Leslie pedal I have heard in one nice package. I played the Mxxxx 550, Bxxx GT-6, and the Axxxxxxxx xxxxx, and this pedal not only out performs them it sound every bit as good or better. I am very impressed. I will post in HC and recommend your pedal to any one.

Well, this is very nice. It has so many options to it I don't know where to stop - all sound good. It is very far beyond my TC+, I am happy to report. The input doesn't overload, which is great, and it has plenty of volume. The flashing light, of course, is the perfect touch. So far, I actually like the smaller delay settings 'live' but given time, I will probably find a place for the other delay settings. Geez, I will have to digest this a little more. The Vibe is very good, I'll forget about that Uxxxxxxxx I had my eye on. The Leslie is working, too, in it's very unique chorus/vibe way. It responds well to my 808 and wah that are up ahead in the signal chain. I will hook up my stereo rig later tonight, after work. Hmm. It has been a while since I bought something out of the blue and had it come so close to what I wanted/envisioned. Very interesting, very nice, Dave. 
- Ross A.

My top choices were the Cxxxxxxxxxxx, the Axxxxxxxx xxxxx, and the DLS Chorus~Vib. I went with the DLS. I just got it, and I love it. The first recommended setting I tried was awesome, and it just got better from there. The pedal is very well built and has offers beautiful, clear chorus, vibrato, and leslie sounds. Plus, it has a normal output and a bright output, and can also be used in stereo. The LED is amber and blinks in time with the rate.
- Gary K

Hi Dave, the Chorus~Vibe is working GREAT, thanks. I'm running it last in line of: Strat-RMC Wah-OD-Chorus~Vibe into Ampeg Super Rocket (most under rated amp. I won't touch the trim pot, you guys seem to have it set just right. That's alot of the problem with chorus/vibe effects, is they have a volume boost or change your sound. Not here with the DLS. I will submit a review as soon as I get it on stage a little more. Thanks for your great customer support! I've already used it live and made adjustments. I just have to hear it again to see how my adjustments sound. You see Dave, to me, I don't want to know that I have an effect on until I turn it off. You lose that "3-D" effect and it doesn't sound washed. I think alot of people lose that concept. This is where the DLS smokes!!! It sounds so freakin wide, it's stunting! You turn it off and you wonder why you did. Nice job!!
- Jerry T.

Dave, Thanks so much for nailing it to a "T" this time with your talent & patience! It works flawlessly & compares to no other! I love it & use it religiously & it's a permanent staple in my "arsenal" now!
- Steve M. 

I spent several hours over the weekend and several more hours Monday and Tuesday 'torture' testing the Chorus~Vibe against my CE-2, t.c. Chorus, and Bxxx Harmonist (which does a very nice detune chorus). No matter how I tweaked the settings, the Chorus~Vibe came out on top. Plus, in the past few weeks I have tried vintage Mxx choruses, Ex, and Mxxxx choruses, the Chorus~Vibe is still the best. Will let you know as soon as I post it (maybe I should sell my t.c. first? Hehee.......just kidding.....) BTW I love the way the C~V maintains a 3 dimensional image in mono. The only other mono effect that even comes close to it (to my ears) is the old Rxxxxxx 1/2 rack chorus.......

Hi Dave,
I am using the Chorus/Vibe. I am enjoying it. I have found 3 great settings which sound terrific. I use a very subtle stereo chorus just to fatten up my tone, and I have been using the settings that you sent with the effect. I have used the leslie and the analog chorus settings for a few songs which are easy to dial in prior to performing. The unit is always on usually on the subtle chorus setting. I am still planning on ordering a Echo/master, I have a DL-4 which works well however isn't as warm as I would like. I will probably order one from you next month. Thank you again for the follow up.
- Gary K.

I just purchased the chorus/vib and I wanted to say that it is really awesome. I'm really happy with the warm tones coming out of the box. The only thing I did was put some bigger knobs on the rate and depth so I can adjust it with my foot while playing. Thanks for the great product.
- James R.


Customer Comments - Ultra ChorusII™

Dave, I had a weekend session and took the Ultra ChorusII with me.  The chorus sounded great!  I figured the delay choices out with a little experimenting. Thanks very much!
- Alex Lifeson 

For my live setup I have one setting for a true, rich chorus and the other for a doubler effect. Great versatility, and two pedals in one!
Kerry Marx: Country Music artist- Grand Ole Opry band, County Music Award TV player

Just wanted to thank you again for the pedals. Truly great, great work you do! I actually like the sound of the Ultra ChorusII in the FX loop of my H&K even better than out in front. Man, it just is so warm and lush - really sounds like Alex back in the Farewell to Kings/Hemispheres era. I recently had a chance to A/B it with the Waterbox from CMATMODS and I felt it was much fuller and deeper sounding. My wife listened to them and liked the Ultra ChorusII better also. Keep up the good work - and let me know what Alex thinks about the Ultra ChorusII. I'm curious to see if it brings back memories of the Roland Jazz Chorus for him. Really looking forward to their new album and tour. 
Thanks again,
- Ron

Dollar for dollar this pedal is the best Chorus pedal on the market. It will do everything one comes to expect from a true chorus pedal and then some, which will pleasantly surprise you. 
-Bill Christy

The Ultra Chorus II pedal KICKS ASS!!!! Great sound! Very Lush and warm sounding! Can't wait to run it in stereo with 2 Black Face Twin reverbs!
-Eric Mantel

I did get the Ultra Chorus II and I am lovin' it !!!!!! I have side 1 set for an almost flange type sound and then the other for a more classic chorus. I jammed along to Santana's Supernatural CD dialing "side 1" until I got his sound, then just tweaked it a bit to my likings. "Side 2" , I just dialed in until I got the sound I liked.

I received my ultra chorus II there is a few weeks. It's an incredible effect the sound is beautiful. All the various positions are great... It's like a good old wine. Thank you for this product. Have a nice day
- Olivier... from France

Just wanted you to know I got all the pedals and they sound great! In fact if you could stop carrying the DLS Ultra Chorus II's so I was the only one to have would be very good! HA! I got the chorus yesterday, went to church and lead worship and plugged it in and found a couple of really quick settings and went for it. My partner who is a xxxxxxxx MANIAC was using his xxxxxxxx Chorus (Which is a very nice one) we came to the chorus of our first tune and I turned on the DLS and then as we repeated the chorus I switched to my other setting to change texture. He looked over at me and gave me a real funny look and turned his chorus off. He never turned it on the rest of the set. When we were done and heading to the back all he could say to me is PUNK! He told me he had never heard a chorus that rich and warm and when I changed settings mid song he just lost it! So.......He is in mourning and figuring out a way to tell his wife he wants a new chorus. HA! That unit rocks dude! It has the warmest fullest sound I have heard..period. And you know I have either owned or tried them all. Also, we were using acoustics last night, you should hear it on an electric! I have to drop Dave a line about it when I get a moment." Anyway thank you for exactly what I have been looking for in a chorus. Along with all your other products that I own I can get any sound I want and the units blow people away with their sound.
- Frank

(OK, I just received my DLS Ultra Chorus. I've only played with it for 15 minutes (I'm working from home today) but this is the best chorus unit I've ever played through, hand's down. Amazingly transparent and though it's true-bypass, it handles stereo in bypass mode with no problem with both humbucking and single coil pickups. The DLS Ultra Chorus does not change your guitar tone either. Many chorus units such as the TC, change the guitar tone fairly radically but this pedal really retains the tone *AND* dynamics of the guitar. With it's delay time control, blend, output level, sweep, rate and depth controls, I was able to replicate many commercial and "sought out" chorus units such as the TC, Small-Clone, CE-1, etc. Additionally, it does a really great rotating speaker/leslie effect. The 2nd channel makes it really versatile too. For example, you can set one channel up for vibrato, the other for chorus... I'll do a more in-depth review later but needless to say, this chorus is definitely worth checking out!
- Jack Z.

Here's the story. In the midwest, us rockers have to play country gigs to make money. For the past seven months I've been playing next to a guy who played steel for Garth Brooks for fifteen years. He's a tone freak, and for the first month I was using various chorus pedals--Bxxx DC-3, Rxxxxxx, Txxxxxi, Vxxxxx xxxxx H2O. He often complimented my playing but not my tone. Then I bought a used Ultra-Chorus, and after the first tune, he commented how great my tone was--and he was right. 
- Ron S.

I *DID* try it in stereo. It was amazing! However, one thing that differentiates many choruses is their ability to sound good in mono. Your chorus sounds amazing in mono too. Another thing was that I was able to drive a pair of amps in bypass mode with humbucks or single coils so that's a non-issue for my situation as you suspected...I'm totally blown away. I can't wait 'til lunch when I can crank some tunes
- Jack Z


Customer Comments - Echomaster™ & EchoTAP™ Delay

"Dave, I wanted to say I love the Echo Tap. I used it on Kimmel last week for the first time and really enjoyed it!"
-Quentin Gibson (Guitarist for Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish)

Just bought one new via Music Toyz. Had to write you a note of congratulations. been playing for 30 years. Tried most every delay out there. Yours is BY FAR the closet thing to simulating old analog delay like tape ever found. WOW. Very impressive work. This is the delay tone tool that inspires have searched forever for. Hat's off. Your rotary pedal (also bought) is en route to me. have a feeling it's going to beat the xxxxsphere if the Echotap is any guide. THANKS!
- Buddy

I continue to be impressed by the pedal, very nice, in fact I'm ready to say it's the best echo pedal I've ever heard, certainly better than any of the new crap that's out now, and definitly brighter and cleaner that any of the old anaolg stuff, dead quite as well, very nice. I know i new little music shop I'm gonna show this to see if they will carry a few.
- Ed L.

Just bought an EchoTap based on the fact that I am knocked-out by the Chorus-Vibe. Dave, Got the EchoTap and it's awesome! 
-Bill K

I tried the echo today and just love it. Man you make a great product!!!! 
-Lance K

This pedal sounds amazing! I wanted you to know that I almost didn't buy this pedal because of your online sounds. These clips do not do justice to the warmth of this delay. Thanks
-John G

Hi DLS, the Echo tap is wonderful! I can duplicate the Echoplex tape echoes or make it crystal clear by adjusting the tone knob. Great job and thanks for making a 
great pedal!

Actually, yesterday I did get to try the EchoTAP at Rudy's in NYC, and I'm pretty sure it's going to end up on my board next month. Great pedal!

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